Mis-bakes and Out-cakes!

This is my section on 'how not to do it...'

Those of you who know me well will know that my biggest bugbear of all time is recipes that don't work. Before I ever became a chef I was 100% convinced that I couldn't bake a cake to save my life...and here I am several years later, baking professionally.

For me, baking successfully is about mastering a series of techniqes, and can be learned, by anyone. But crucially, this does rely on good tuition. There are some brilliant recipe books out there, and more and more published everyday, however with so much information published every second all over the world on the internet, it becomes increasingly difficult to differentiate between 'good' recipes and BAD ones! Ie recipes that, no matter who tries them, will always fail.

I'm going to be using this part of the blog with the tag 'misbakes and outcakes' to work my way through any such recipes I come across, and will then try and find out why they don't work, and hopefully come up with a foolproof recipe that everyone can achieve.

So if there is something that you have never been able to master yourself, or any recipe that you just can't get to work, please send it my way and I will do my best to diagnose the problems and hopefully come out with something that works for you.

First recipe coming soon!